Renouncing Self-Hatred

Lord, I acknowledge that, in my heart, I have not agreed with Your assessment of me as revealed in Your Word. I have agreed with the negative messages of my youth and have lived from a fa1se self, not the true self that You created me to be. I acknowledge that I have hated myself I repent from having indulged myself in this sin. Please forgive me Lord, and cleanse me from this sin. Through the power of Your grace in me, I renounce the sin of self-hatred, and I refuse it’s power over me. Lord, break off of me the longstanding effects this sin has had on me. I choose and determine to live from my true self. I choose to deal honestly with sinful attitudes by bringing them before You and acknowledging the work of Jesus on the cross. I ask You to reveal issues that have been hidden to me because of shame, and I ask You to do an ongoing work in my life. Please continue to cleanse me of self-hatred, Lord, until I am fully free from its effects. Amen.

As a man renounces his self-hatred, he breaks through what Leanne Payne calls “the first great barrier to wholeness in Christ.” It will take time and struggle for the truth to be felt at the level of the heart, especially for those who have been entrenched in sin and perversion for years. As we persevere, God will be faithful to deliver us.

From “Falling Forward” by Craig R Lockwood, Desert Storm Press – Reproduced with Permission For Individual Use Only.
Copyright 2004 All rights reserved.
John R. Hatfield – Nebraska Navigators

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