Shame is Satan’s Work, Progress and Hope is Christ’s

By Jessica Mockett, Producer/Director of documentary Shamed


After nearly two years of research, I have concluded that in conservative Christian cultures, shame is what keeps so many good people who would be righteous, faithful followers of Christ tethered and strapped to an addiction that leaves them feeling hopeless, unlovable, and unworthy of God’s protection and blessings. My intent is to include various Christian denominations and perspectives in the film; with a hope that many faiths can unite in this effort and stand together as a powerful force for good.

That such a film is needed was underlined by a letter I recently received from a girl of just 18, who shared her personal experiences of dealing with a pornography addiction. She expressed how important a film like this is, how she wished there had been something like this in her life five years ago when her addiction began. She closed her letter stating something that I firmly believe, “Shame is Satan’s work, progress and hope is Christ’s”.

There are thousands and thousands of young people just like this girl who are being introduced to sexuality at extremely young ages through the often violent and always degrading images of hardcore pornography. The largest consumers of online porn are 12-17 years old. 90% of young men between 18-24 years admit to using pornography. Can you imagine the social ramifications of this pressing issue?

I feel very passionately about getting a meaningful message out about this subject in the easily digestible format of film. My team and I feel that, when accomplished, this film will be a powerful tool in turning the tides on the issue of pornography addiction and helping our communities to heal. Shamed will get the message out to a broad Christian audience that shame is holding people back from seeking help; we will educate them on the subject, teach them to remove the shame, give them tools to communicate honestly about it, and arm them with confidence that recovery is so very possible.

We need your help. Shamed can help change lives, but it will not happen without your generous support and it needs to happen.  We are raising funds on Kickstarter – an all-or-nothing platform. We have a goal of $40K that needs to be raised by Feb 14, 2012 or we get nothing! (And consequently, anyone who donated will not be charged.)

Do not fear that you can’t give very much. $25, $50, or $100 is a wonderful contribution, but any sized contribution gets Shamed closer to the goal. If you can afford more, please, give more.

Please visit the film’s Kickstarter Page to learn more about the project, the crew, and view a teaser trailer. Or visit the Shamed website. Feel free to email the filmmakers to ask them questions about the project or if you are ready to share your personal story of dealing with a sex addiction in your life on film.

Your support is needed. Please share this information with everyone in your life who would be able to support this endeavor. Thank you.

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