A 1 Corinthians 13 Love

Love is patient
Just like you
Always waiting always true.

Love is kind
Withholding angry words
In the heat of a moment’s time.

Let us not forget,
The gentleness of love in the midst,
Of our heart’s greatest torment.
Nor the boldness of love in the face of fear,
Always standing, always near.
Endurance is surely the test,
Of true love’s never ending genuineness.
For it does not pass away,
It transcends our time and space,
And extends to forever in heaven’s place.

Love does not seek,
Its own happiness.
But rather lays down
Its life on a daily basis.

It holds all things,
Our pain, our joy, our tears, our all,
So we can experience,
Our Savior’s true call:
To rise beyond our circumstance,
Forgive our debts and those who trespass,
To love in the face of tearful regrets,
To look beyond words that cause us to fret.
This is the call of love that’s perfect,
This is the picture of you since we’ve met.

– Anonymous

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