Are you ready to face the addiction and grow past it once and for all? You are probably here because you’re looking for answers and have already tried to do it on your own, only to discover that it doesn’t quite work that way. We all need support and expertise when it comes to facing such a “giant!”

If you’re considering treatment over the telephone it may be because you’re in an outlying area where you don’t have such specialized services within reasonable reach. It may also be because you consider yourself to be in a high-profile place in your job and/or community. But most likely, like everyone else, you have a level of embarrassment about this issue and would like to have help in the most discreet, low-pressure form.

That’s where we can help: here you can receive individual and marital support (and even groups) over the telephone, from anywhere in the world! While we help hundreds of clients a year since 2004, making this a growing and increasingly popular form of treatment, some still think that the telephone may not be effective as in-person help. If this is you, telephone work may not be for you. I always tell folks, telephone pastoral counseling isn’t for every client and its not for every coach…but it sure works for us and our clients!

Would you like more information? Do you have questions we can answer for you? Then please call Erin, our client liaison at 719-590-SOUL (7685) or email and she can help you get your account set-up and schedule your initial interview appointment and/or a free visitor call-in to one of our teleconference groups today.

Yours Truly,
Jayson Graves, M.MFT
Founder, Healing for the Soul & The SoulHealer Foundation

“It was 3 years ago this week that I had my first meeting with Jayson. I was sitting in my car that night in a grocery store parking lot talking for an hour and a half and scared to death. That was pretty much the first time I had ever told my story or some of the things I had done. Jayson of course treated me with kindness and grace.

My world looks very different now than it did then, and while I am no where close to where I want to be, I am a loooong way from where I was.

Thank you to each and every one of you. Even though Nate has been my primary coach each of you have had a part in my recovery. Thank you for the HFTS Weekends as they have been life changers for me. Thank you for your prayers, work and sacrifice. You guys have changed many folks lives not to mention mine and my family’s.”

Daniel from IN