Life Coaching Services

Our goal is to help you with your own personal goals, meeting you right where you’re at. Regardless of the particular struggle you face, we come alongside you to plan a custom-tailored life coaching structure with supportive goal-setting as a major focus.

Coaching is carried out with accepting, non-judgemental, relational support to help you grow and gain strength to live out your values, dreams, and aspirations with integrity. We do this with feedback, tips, recommendations, and resources in a comprehensive body, soul, spirit approach.

Life Coaching for Men

We understand that men have unique struggles, and often encounter difficulty with defeating sex and porn addictions. Healing for the Soul wants to help you break the cycle of shame and start living the life you desire. By focusing on the nature of your specific struggle and suffering, we’ll work together to get to the roots of the addiction and work past roadblocks along the way.

Life Coaching for Women

Many of the women we coach are the wives of addicts and get support to help rebuild the marriage with the man they love. Being the wife of a man addicted to porn can be a very lonely, scary, and shameful time. Healing for the Soul provides support to these women whether they are struggling with addiction themselves, or if they are married to one.

Life Coaching for Teens

It is a dark reality that young people are being exposed to porn at a younger age than ever before. If your child is experiencing a porn addiction, or other hardship in life, whether with school, bullying, or friendships, Healing for the Soul is here to give them the support needed to overcome challenges and get on a better path.

Contact Us

Through our teleconferencing life coaching services, we are able to help hundreds of clients each year. If you’re in an outlying area where you don’t have such specialized services within reasonable reach, you are considered to be a person of high-profile within your job, or you are just looking to receive treatment in the most discreet manner, Healing for the Soul’s services are right for you.  

Would you like more information? Do you have questions we can answer for you? Contact us today at 719-590-SOUL (7685) or email, and our staff will get you scheduled for your initial interview appointment.