Sex Addiction Recovery

An addiction to sex can be one of the most challenging battles a person can face. It destroys families, marriages, and lives, leaving its host feeling empty, shameful, and alone. Stop letting it rule your life and start taking back control of your future today.

Healing for the Soul exists to help men and women overcome sexual addictions and begin rebuilding their lives. Recovering from a sex addiction can seem impossible, but that’s where our coaching services come in. We will help you understand the nature of your specific struggle, getting to the roots of the addictions by setting goals, building life structure, and supporting you through the journey. 

We want you to live the life of your dreams, ending the grip addiction holds over you. Our sex addiction recovery takes a holistic approach to healing by overcoming the cause of addiction, rather than behavior it causes.

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Through our teleconferencing life coaching services, we are able to help hundreds of clients each year. If you’re in an outlying area where you don’t have such specialized services within reasonable reach, you are considered to be a person of high-profile within your job, or you are just looking to receive treatment in the most discreet manner, Healing for the Soul’s services are right for you.  

Would you like more information? Do you have questions we can answer for you? Contact us today at 719-590-SOUL (7685) or email, and our staff will get you scheduled for your initial interview appointment.