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Are you ready to face the addiction and grow past it once and for all? You are probably here because you’re looking for answers and have already tried to do it on your own, only to discover that it doesn’t quite work that way. We all need support and expertise when it comes to facing such a “giant!” That’s where the life coaching services of Healing for the Soul come in, and you can accomplish it all in a way that is most convenient for you.

Life Coaching

Our life coaching services are geared towards helping you overcome life challenges and meeting personal goals. Healing for the Soul wants to see you grow by taking a deeper dive into your current situation, identifying potential challenges and obstacles you face, and creating a custom plan of action designed to help you attain specific outcomes in your life.

Sex Addiction

Getting sober from sexual addiction can be more challenging than getting sober from substance addictions because sexual addiction lives in your brain and not in a bottle or drug. 

As part of our life coaching services, Healing for The Soul specializes in helping men heal both their sexually addictive behaviors and rebuild relationships with their loved ones. Our online/teleconferencing services take a holistic approach to healing the cause of sex addiction instead of only focusing on symptoms.

Pornography Addiction

At Healing for the Soul, we are aware of the countless individuals who struggle with pornography addiction. While it brings a selfish gratification, it is only temporary and can be unavoidably addictive and incredibly damaging to your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Our porn addiction services aim to help you overcome the temptation and walk away from the addiction. We not only want to help you avoid and overcome the addiction of porn, but we want to see you develop a new sense of self-confidence, family stability and personal fulfillment.

Intimacy Coaching

Did you know that a vast majority of couples struggle with their sex life? Some don’t talk about it because it could be considered as a “shameful secret.” You are not alone! Healing for the Soul’s intimacy coaching services want to help you navigate through the uncomfortableness of discussing sex with your partner.

Teleconference & Videoconference Coaching Groups

“If you’re looking for a breakthrough in your sexual addiction, Jayson’s freedom groups are quite likely the best place to start looking. After struggling with sexual addiction for 20 years, I finally found sweet release through one of these groups. They are an oasis bubbling up with expressions of Christ’s character your soul has surely been longing for. Come immerse yourself in the healing waters of honesty, honor, compassion, respect, purpose, and genuine forgiveness.”
- group member from Florida

Men’s Groups:

Mondays, 5pm MT

Thursdays, 11AM, 6PM & 7PM MT

Parents’ Groups:

Parents Coaching Groups: Mondays, 5:30PM MT (bi-weekly)

“What a blessing to meet with other parents who are walking the same road as our family. My husband and I feel such a connection to the friends we have made in our group. The love and support has been a great encouragement to us, and has given us a place to be completely honest about our journey.”

Are you ready to face the addiction and grow past it once and for all? You are probably here because you’re looking for answers and have already tried to do it on your own, only to discover that it doesn’t quite work that way. We all need support and expertise when it comes to facing such a “giant!”

If you’re considering treatment over the telephone it may be because you’re in an outlying area where you don’t have such specialized services within reasonable reach. It may also be because you consider yourself to be in a high-profile place in your job and/or community. But most likely, like everyone else, you have a level of embarrassment about this issue and would like to have help in the most discreet, low-pressure form.

That’s where we can help: here you can receive individual and marital support (and even groups) over the telephone, from anywhere in the world! While we help hundreds of clients a year since 2004, making this a growing and increasingly popular form of treatment, some still think that the telephone may not be effective as in-person help. If this is you, telephone work may not be for you. I always tell folks, telephone pastoral counseling isn’t for every client and its not for every coach…but it sure works for us and our clients!

Would you like more information? Do you have questions we can answer for you? Then please call Erin, our client liaison at 719-590-SOUL (7685) or email info@healingforthesoul.org and she can help you get your account set-up and schedule your initial interview appointment and/or a free visitor call-in to one of our teleconference groups today.

Yours Truly,
Jayson Graves, M.MFT
Founder, Healing for the Soul & The SoulHealer Foundation

Interested in visiting a group? Just follow the steps below:

  • Check above for the time you want to visit which you can do for free so that you can get a feel for it and make an informed decision.
  • Contact our office at info@healingforthesoul.org for a copy of the group agreement. When it arrives in your in box via e-Sign review it with your spouse, both sign and then press “Click to Sign” and it will automatically return to our office for confidentiality purposes only while visiting. (If you decide after visiting group to join then we can use this as your working agreement but it is not activated in terms of commitment until payment is received.)
  • The facilitator for the group you choose to visit (Jayson or one of his staff) will call you after we receive the agreement so that we can introduce ourselves and get you all set up with the teleconference info.
  • Next, you can grab a copy of the group format and keep it with you so you can follow along.
  • Call-in to group 5 minutes early so that, as the guys join the conference, they can introduce themselves to you (You may hear music until the leader arrives).
  • The coach will stay after group with you to answer any questions you have.

» Call for info on “visiting” a group from anywhere: 719-590-SOUL (7685) (International).

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